Enhance® Cedar Bark
• colour enhanced freshly ground cedar
• all the benefits of Classic Cedar
• colourants are natural iron oxides


SPM® Shredded Pine Mulch
• freshly ground pine bark
• uniform texture, great aroma
• reddish brown colour ages to dark
• acidic pH helps condition soil
• decomposing pine enriches sub-soil

We are ready to load your truck or trailer on-site. If you prefer, we can deliver to your home or business.
As always, we also offer the traditional bagged mulches in 3 cu. ft. bags. The bagged mulches are all Cedar and are available in Brown, Black, Red, or Natural.

Bulk product is only available at the main location on Quin-Mo-Lac Road. However, our Campbellford location carries Bagged Mulches, as well as many other bagged garden products for your convenience.