Flower Size: S = Small (1-4 inches)

M = Medium (4-8 inches)

L = Large (8-10 inches)

Flowering Time: 1 = Spring

2 = Early Summer

3 = Mid Summer

4 = Late Summer

Pruning is a matter of individual tastes. You can not harm your clematis by too harsh a pruning or by lack of pruning. To get the best blooming from your clematis, the above suggested pruning is advised. If you have a clematis not listed here and wish to know the best pruning method for it, just ask us!


Species Flower Size Flower Time Planting Location Prune
Star of India M 2-3 Any Hard
Crimson King M 2-4 East, South, West Optional
Minuet S-M 3-4 Any Hard
Paniculata S 2 South Hard
Pink Chiffon M 2 & 4 North,East,West Hard
Blue Boy S-M 3-4 Any Hard


None: Cut out weak or dead stems directly after plant has finished blooming. Pruning will result in few or no blooms the following year.

Light: Prune as needed to produce the shape and height required.

Hard: Cut the plant right down to the lowest pair of leaf buds about 6-12”

Optional: If you want a good show of flowers early do not prune. If you want a good show of flowers later prune hard early in the year.

This information is also available in a PDF.